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Isabela J Oliveira

About Me

Isabela Oliveira has been a professional editor for years, from technical documents to pop culture content. While attending college, she kept busy as the poetry editor and later the editor-in-chief of her university’s literary journal, the Salmon Creek Journal. Isabela started speaking on panels at fan conventions in 2016 and has been at it ever since. These days, she’s working as an editor by day, and an occasional podcast co-host, a crafter and maker, and an aspiring voice actress in her free time. 

Her most recent project is kickstarting a plant-themed speculative fiction anthology about queer growth called Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth

Earlier this year, she successfully kickstarted an anthology of speculative short fiction along with her co-editor Jed Sabin called It Gets Even Better: Stories of Queer Possibility:

“As a queer person of color, I was downright sick of seeing stories where queer people suffer. Even today, it’s tough to find media where terrible things don’t happen to us and tougher to find uplifting stories about people who share more than one of my marginalized identities. I want to create something that would give my younger self hope.”

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